Des Wall remembered in style on Father’s Day

By September 1, 2013Latest News

For as long as he can remember David Wall spent time in the family workshop helping his father Des Wall fix and rebuild race cars, and David made a promise to him when he got sick last year. David promised that he would finally finish the projects they had been working on and build Wall Racing into the company its Championship wins deserve.

Des lost his battle with cancer at the end of last year and David, with the help of his family and friends, worked tirelessly to ensure they would be ready for Muscle Car Masters in September. The event is held on Father’s Day at their local track Sydney Motorsport Park making it the perfect opportunity to showcase their projects, and honour Des’ memory.

David, his family and friends set up a marque to display the cars they had rebuilt and to allow people to have a close look at the impressive cars.

“The marque and effort we put in was for Dad as it was our first Father’s Day without him,” said David.

“We gave away over 2,000 thousand posters, and had a lot of people through the marque over the weekend. The feedback we got was all really positive, and it is a credit to the work of everyone at Wall Racing to get the cars in the condition they are now in.

“I would really like to thank everyone who helped us get to this point. I am sure Dad would be very proud of the effort we have put in to get to this point.”

The first car on display was the Ian “Pete” Geoghegan Mustang that won the 67, 68, and 69 Championships, and that Des and the Wall Racing team had raced previously. David had worked on the car with his Dad and this weekend raced the car for the second time after a run at Lakeside in July. In the two outings, David put the car on pole twice, and won all seven races.

The other cars on display that had been prepared by Wall Racing included the Bob Jane and John Harvey Monaro HQ, and Des’ Supra which is also the Brock Monza and was also driven by Grice and Jane.

Perhaps most important to David is the Holden Dealer Team SLR5000 sports sedan. The car was built for Colin Bond in 1976, under Harry Firth, and then it was driven by Ron Harrop in 77, 78, and Brock in 79.

“My dad bought this car when I was 3, and he raced it for a few years then retired the car. I helped him pull it apart originally when I was 6, and we always said we wanted to restore it, but it always got pushed aside as we were racing other things and working on other peoples’ cars at Wall Racing,” said David.

“When he got sick I promised I would restore it as we had always spoken about. It meant a lot to me to have finally been able to finish it.”

There was also a bit of Wall family history on display with Des’ Corvette.

“We also had the Corvette that Dad officially won his Australian Sports Sedan title in 2009 on display,” David continued.

“The same year I also won the Australian GT Champion – making us the only father and son to have won Australian Championships in the same year.

“On top of that both Championship cars were prepared and run out of the Wall Racing garage – make it a very special moment in Australian motorsport, and one that we are all incredibly proud of.

“Once again I would like to extend my biggest thanks to everyone who help make this possible, from all my sponsors including Wilson Security, Shannons, Paynter Dixon, Payce and Aqua Organics. And also to each and every person who has chipped in and helped get the cars ready; we would not have been able to honour Dad in the magnificent way we did.”

David said that from here the cars will not be hidden away.

“Our plan is to keep these cars on track, running and maintained in the condition they are in now by Wall Racing,” said David.

“The feedback we got during the weekend, on the Wall Racing Facebook page, and in person, has been that people want a chance to see these cars back on track – so that’s what we are going to do!

“We have not locked in when and where, and we will have to fit it in around our other racing activities, but they will not be locked away!”

More information about where you can see these cars will be released at a later date on the Wall Racing Facebook page,

This Facebook page also has many photos from the event and the rebuild.

For more information, please contact Wall Racing on (02) 4774 9005